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Alcohol Aficionado has been mentioned in many famous publications. View 10 Best Gin‘s Best Gin Brands.

Industry Professionals

The 10 Best Gin awards are reviewed by industry professionals, many of whom have been in the spirits industry for decades.

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10 Best Gin holds rolling submissions to its rankings. Submit now to be ranked & reviewed. New Best Gin Brands soon!

10 Best Gin’s Online Approach

Although numerous spirits magazines and awards promoters devote their efforts to print and traditional media outlets to reach connoisseurs, 10 Best Gin & Alcohol Aficionado wholeheartedly believes that is our responsibility to bring our offerings to the digital marketplace instead of focusing on outdated customer relations methods.

You - our modern spirit drinkers - are the essence of our business. Therefore, we come to you through the Internet to ensure that you find the latest information, awards, and news about your beloved, new Gin brands immediately through our fresh, innovative online efforts.


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Best Gin Evaluation Process

Alcohol Aficionado's 10 Best Gin judging panel brings together a collective of luminaries within the spirits industry to determine the ultimate in modern gin quality and satisfaction. It is composed of top authority figures such as legendary distillers, venerated critics and long-time distributors. The consummate understanding of the craft that this panel brings ensures that the 10 Best Gin lineup only consists of the greatest gins available. With rules established to mirror the selection process for winners of the Alcohol Aficionado Spirits Award, the ranking process is exacting and exhaustive. Every drink brought for consideration is subject to intensive examination on a diverse and demanding scoring rubric. You can find out more about the evaluation process for the 10 Best Gin list here.

Best Gin Brands

10 Best Gin, as managed by Alcohol Aficionado, works with industry professionals to review submissions to our Best Gin Brands. These rankings includes entries in our "alcohol awards" for Genever Gin, London Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin, New American Gin and more.

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